About The Bridge

[highlight] [/highlight] Bridge: NounA structure spanning and providing passage over a river, chasm, road or the like; Verb – to make a bridge or passage over…

We are The Bridge. Our passion is to help bridge the gap between humanity and God. It’s the gap that has been created by bad decisions, bad circumstances, and bad religion. We believe that God wants a relationship with everyone regardless of who you are or where you’ve been.

At The Bridge you’ll find fresh music, fresh sermons, and fresh ways to use media and technology to connect people to Jesus. Our services are changing and evolving every week. We’ve made a conscious decision to break through barriers of tradition and denominational walls. Our mission is to make God accessible to the world that He gave His son to save. No, that doesn’t mean watering down the gospel. But it does mean using modern methods to help people understand the principles of the kingdom, the gift of salvation, and the heart of God. So, maybe we’ll use drama’s. Maybe we’ll use thought provoking videos. Honestly, if it takes a laser light show and 3D glasses to bridge the gap then we’ll probably do that too. Check us out. We might not have the look and feel of a traditional church.

And frankly, we think that’s a good thing

Building bridges to better tomorrows through the love and hope of Jesus